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Degreaser is not a shampoo and must only be used locally to clean out the designated areas. Its highly cleansing formula acts locally to dislodge the pet’s oily residues. Its use is recommended in case of a pet soiled by an outside field trip or for pets with naturally oily skin. The Degreaser cleans thoroughly and will leave a soft and silky coat. This product is most useful on legs and tail area and is also good to get rid of ear residues. Its invigorating citrus fragrance makes its use most pleasant for both the pet and its owner. 

Directions: Thoroughly wet the area in need of treatment. Use the Degreaser for local application only. Lather well and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Follow with your choice of Sabine & Gaspard shampoo. Warning : Avoid use near the eyes and mucous areas to avoid any risk of irritation. This product must not be used as a shampoo.